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How Safe is Chiropractic Treatment?

Florida Chiropractor Directory – Chiropractic treatment is one of the safest treatments available for everything from back pain to energy and sinus issues.

Florida Chiropractor Directory

There is a reason why so many patients who visit a chiropractor once fall in love with the treatments. They generally feel better, have more energy, and love that the amount of pain they were experiencing is reduced.

This isn’t to say that something can’t go wrong with you go see a chiropractor. However, you are generally in much better hands than if you decide to have an invasive surgery, followed up by a heavy dose of medication, and just pray that everything goes well!

Does a local Chiropractor Have the Same Rules as a Doctor?

In a word- yes. Patient confidentiality, being available for their patients, etc.
In fact, the International Chiropractic Association (ICA) has a code of ethics that should be followed. Here are a few of those rules, which are generally shared by doctors.

The Chiropractor Will Not Discuss Patient Information with Another Patient
This might seem like common sense, but you might be surprised. Sometimes it can easy for a doctor or chiropractor to say “I have this one patient, Joe Smith, who had the same problem as you, and …”

So as you can see, it’s not blatantly trying to share information about a patient, but it can happen on accident. Still, it is information that shouldn’t be shared, so the ICA looks down on it.

Patient Information Cannot be Given to Family or Friends without Consent from the Patient- Preferably in Writing

The primary reason for this is to protect the patient. For the most part, family and friends do not need this kind of medical information. By hiding it, the chiropractor is able to protect their patient from multiple things- both intentional and accidental. The reason why written consent is preferred is because it cannot be argued. A voice or video recording can also work well.

Discussion of Patients between Professionals Shall be Done Privately

Sometimes doctors and chiropractors will discuss a patient’s condition, possible remedies to their condition, and other similar issues. These should not be done in front of the patient, family and friends, or even in front of other office employees.

Do you ever talk about your work when you get home? Just about everyone does, but chiropractors have to be especially careful about what they say. Even if they don’t mention a specific name, just talking about a case is generally a bad idea- you never know what your family can figure out if you drop enough information on accident.

More Similarities between Chiropractors’ and Doctors’ Rules

There are other rules regarding patient information as well, including what you can say on the phone, to news media, and visitors to the chiropractor’s office.

In addition to what can/can’t be said, chiropractors have other rules to follow that are similar to those of doctors.

For example, medical records of a patient cannot be released without the written consent of the patient. These records require the utmost confidentiality, and cannot even be shared with family or friends without consent.
Even if a patient does offer consent, certain procedures must be followed. These procedures and guidelines are outlined by the American Medical Records Association (ARMA).

Finally, the last example is the patient’s Bill of Rights. Similar to those of doctors, a patients’ Bill of Rights explains the authority they have to take, accept and refuse certain actions.

To Wrap it Up…

Chiropractors have a large number of rules to follow, just as doctors do. Because they are both in the medical industry, the two sets of rules have more similarities than differences.
Determining When You Need to See a Chiropractor

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